Cybersecurity Videos from ARC Industry Forum: Part I

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

If you missed the ARC Industry Forum in Orlando this year (our highest attended forum with close to 1,000 attendees), we're now beginning to post videos from the Forum to our YouTube channel.  Cybersecurity was definitely in the forefront at this year's Forum, and there's more than a few cybersecurity related videos that have already been posted with more on the way. These include both videos from forum sessions as well as more highly produced one-on-one interviews that were done with our partner Supply Chain Brain

IT/OT Convergence and Impact on Cybersecurity

The convergence of the traditional worlds of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), such as ICS/SCADA and process safety systems, is creating additional challenges for end users from a cybersecurity perspective.  ARC vice president and cybersecurity domain expert Sid Snitkin interviewed Brian Proctor of SecurityMatters about anomaly and breach detection solutions and the convergence of IT/OT as it relates to the issue of cybersecurity:

Providing a secure barrier between the world of IT and OT is necessary.  Data diodes are increasingly being used to ensure that OT to IT level communication is strictly one way.  Here again is Sid Snitkin interviewing Dennis Lanahan of Owl Cyber Defense about the need for separation of key ICS and other OT assets from the world of IT and Owl's data diode offering:

Convergence of Safety and Security

ARC has written several blogs about this in light of the recent TRITON/TRISIS process safety system malware incident that occurred in the Middle East.  This was also the topic of more than one forum session, and the videos from those sessions will be published soon.  Basically, we must assume that process safety systems are not immune to cyber attacks, and the approach to cybersecurity as it relates to these systems must be considered.  There are already cooperative efforts between the IEC 61508/61511 safety standards and IEC 62443 cybersecurity standards, and there are many things that these two worlds can learn from each other.  Here is Peter Sieber of HIMA talking about these issues at the HIMA luncheon:


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