Cybersecurity Viewpoints

ARC has been providing market research on the industrial cybersecurity for many years. Here are some insights on emerging technologies, practices, and processes for enhancing cybersecurity in industrial operations.


Bob Gill — Industry Trends

Revealing Digital Journeys at Asian Downstream Summit

The 12th edition of the annual refining & petrochemicals themed conference and exhibition in Singapore saw Asian Downstream Summit continue its evolution from a primarily plant process equipment focused event to one with a strong digital technology and transformatio

Sid Snitkin — Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation Helps Secure Industrial Operations with New Certifications

Rockwell Automation recently received ISA/IEC 62443-2-4 certification, which defines security requirements for service providers and shows that the security capabilities Rockwell Automation uses when quoting, designing, integrating and maintaining automation systems meet the standard’s requirements.
Larry O'Brien — Industry Trends

ISA Cybersecurity Standards in Smart Cities: ARC Smart City Podcast

The world of smart cities and intelligent buildings has yet to rally around a single cybersecurity standard, especially at the operational level.  Meanwhile, cyber-risk remains a real threat to the world of smart cities and buildings, with more and more products and systems becoming IoT-enabled e

Dick Slansky — ARC Report Abstract

Simulation for Intelligent Cyber-physical Systems

Increasingly, from smart homes to connected automobiles, consumers are being exposed to an environment of intelligent products and systems. Moreover, factory production lines, process plants for energy and utilities, and smart cities will depend on cyber-physical systems to self-monitor; optimize; even run infrastructure, transportation, and buildings autonomously.
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