Cybersecurity Viewpoints

ARC has been providing market research on the industrial cybersecurity for many years. Here are some insights on emerging technologies, practices, and processes for enhancing cybersecurity in industrial operations.


Sid Snitkin — ARCView

Addressing Resource Gaps in Industrial Cybersecurity Programs


ARC Advisory Group research indicates that while many companies across a wide spectrum of industries have implemented cybersecurity technologies to protect their facilities, few have the resources to sustain their effectivene

Mark Sen Gupta — Industry Trends

Cybersecurity Certification is Important for Safety Instrumented Systems

or end users of process safety systems, cybersecurity certification should be a primary concern, especially after the costly TRITON/TRISIS malware incident that happened in the Middle East this past year. The emergence of TRITON/TRISIS adds a new dimension to the discussion of ICS and SCADA cybersecurity. Safety systems are not immune to cyber-attacks. As a result, end users will have to take a more considered approach to everything from management of change procedures to integration of process control and safety systems.
Sharada Prahladrao — Industry Trends

Presentations on the Digital Transformation Journey at ARC’s 16th India Forum

After months of preparation, checking the itinerary, getting speaker resumes and presentations we get set for our annual India forum. Most of the presentations at ARC’s 16th India forum were on the digital transformation journey. Although the behind-the-scenes work process is the same, there is that niggling anxiety about a zillion things that range from a speaker’s flight being delayed to the mike/laser pointer not working properly. Once the delegates begin to trickle in and the sessions begin smoothly, the team heaves a collective sigh of relief. Those at the registration desk constantly check the number of attendees who come in against earlier confirmations.
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