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Larry O'Brien — Technology Trends

Cybersecurity for Rural Communities is Often Neglected

It is often forgotten that North American rural communities have the same cybersecurity challenges as large cities.  Cyber-attacks, most frequently in the form of ransomware, made big headlines when they affected cities like Atlanta and Baltimore.  The Atlanta attack, for example, disrupted many key city services.  Various sources report the total cost of that attack at between $12 million and $17 million.  While attacks on large US cities have had significant financial and operational impact, these same kinds of attacks, on a much smaller scale, can have a much more significant impact on smaller, more rural communities.
Larry O'Brien — Industry Trends

ISA Cybersecurity Standards in Smart Cities: ARC Smart City Podcast

The world of smart cities and intelligent buildings has yet to rally around a single cybersecurity standard, especially at the operational level.  Meanwhile, cyber-risk remains a real threat to the world of smart cities and buildings, with more and more products and systems becoming IoT-enabled e

Rick Rys — Technology Trends

Smart Buildings Save Energy

We have many opportunities to capture energy savings in our industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.  The bottom line is that Smart Buildings save energy!
Alex Chatha — Technology Trends

LED Lighting Networks as a Platform for Building Internet of Things (BIoT)

Lights are omnipresent within every facility and surrounding built environments, with their placement providing an unrivaled vantage point to perceive the activities beneath them.  When static lighting becomes networked and intelligent, packaged sensors enable systems to become dynamic and responsive.  As LED lighting systems become integrated with building automation platforms that utilize shared historians and open architectures, broader synergies will emerge.
Jim Frazer — Industry Trends

Electrical Energy and Your Smart City

Welcome to the next episode of ARC's Smart Cities Podcast, today Jim Frazer, VP Smart Cities and Eduard Fidler, Transportation Analyst interview ARC's own Rick Rys on the impact of electrical energy technology developments in the smart city e

Jim Frazer — Technology Trends

Electric Vehicles and Your Smart City

In this episode ARC smart cities analyst Eduard Fidler is interviewed by Jim Frazer on the subject of electric vehicles and their impact on fleet operations including taxi and delivery services. 
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