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Featured here are original and timely articles from ARC analysts and guest writers on topics such as Digitization, New Business Models, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, and Smart Manufacturing.  We dive into technologies such as additive manufacturing, machine learning, asset performance management, device connectivity, IIoT architecture, cybersecurity, augmented reality, and more related to digitization and transformation of industries, infrastructure, and cities.  Our goal is to provide readers with clear and concise analyses, opinions, and discussion of these trends, technologies, and services. Sign up for our weekly IIoT/I4 Viewpoints newsletter

Valentijn de Leeuw — Industry Trends

SAP and Trenitalia’s IoT-Enabled Predictive Maintenance Approach

During the fall of 2016, SAPand Trenitalia organised an Executive Summit in Rome and at the National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa (Naples), Italy. During the event, Trenitalia, Italy’s railway operator, communicated the company’s new IoT-enabled approach to maintenance management that will run on SAP software.
Inderpreet Shoker — Industry Trends

IIoT drives Industrial Innovation

Innovation has always been an important factor for success; today's ever-increasing competition further emphasizes its role in achieving competitive advantage. Companies across all industries face tremendous pressure to innovate to increase shareholder value.

Alex Chatha — Industry Trends

Strategies for Improving Smart City

Efficient, timely and accurate delivery is a necessity to retailers and logistics providers survival in an Amazon Prime world.  Cities goals of livability and sustainability means they want less trucks, congestion and pollution. 
Chantal Polsonetti — Industry Trends

IT/OT Convergence includes Compute/Connect

Discussions of IT/OT convergence in the industrial networking realm typically focus on migration of IT technology into the OT or automation and control domain. Extension of standard Ethernet networks and standard operating systems, such as Linux and Windows, into industrial automation architectures are some of the more prominent examples of this convergence in recent years.
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