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Since 1999, ARC has established its European headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany.  ARC has several offices across Europe, located throughout Germany, Belgium, and France.  ARC European analysts cover a wide range of topics including Industrie 4.0, smart machinery, sensors, automation, plant and enterprise software. 

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Industrial Cybersecurity Status Quo and Trends 2018

Business Models in the Age of IIoT

ARC Europe Viewpoints

Janice Abel — ARCView

Siemens’ Manufacturing Operations Management Solutions Support Digitalization

Siemens recently briefed ARC Advisory Group about the company’s many acquisitions that now enable that company to offer a unified manufacturing operations management (MOM) portfolio.  This portfolio is designed to support successful digital transformation across a broad range of industries. 
Wendy Harding — Industry Trends

Brexit – When Will Limbo Land Ever End?

Brexit - the withdrawal of the UK from the EU - leaves the country, its businesses and inhabitants in limbo as the planned leave date fast approaches.
David Humphrey — Acquisition or Partnership

Siemens to Acquire KACO new energy GmbH

Siemens has announced plans to acquire the string inverter business of the KACO new energy GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of energy-related power electronics, for an undisclosed sum.  
Ebele Maduekwe — Industry Trends

Detecting Anomalies with Embedded AI Technology

The embedded AI function of Omron’s controller uses machine learning to analyze machine information and detect anomalies to then alert maintenance.