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  • Origin Australia Pacific LNG Goes from Reactive to Proactive Maintenance


    GE recently briefed ARC on its “Enterprise Impact” solution.  This combines the capabilities of the company’s Bently Nevada machinery condition monitoring capabilities with Predix-enabled data connectivity, GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM), and other applications like SmartSignal and Meridium.  Enterprise Impact ties these capabilities together into a single common environment in which end users can take advantage of large datasets provided by a multitude of assets in the field to make a true predictive and proactive maintenance strategy possible. 

  • Products & Services

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  • Our Expertise

    In today's fast paced and competitive environment, you need an expert on your side, someone that will assist you with strategic decisions and guide you with industry best practices and the latest technology solutions.  That is the ARC Advisory Group purpose.  ARC will make you more competitive through our advisory services, technology evaluation and selection services, our research reports, analyst consultation, and our vision.  Regardless of your measure - Operational Performance, Return on Assets, Cost of Ownership, Time to Benefit, or Shareholder Value -  ARC will deliver and you will be

  • Industry Events

    ARC organizes, participates, and speaks in a variety of forums, conferences, and webcasts worldwide, focused on the cutting-edge issues in manufacturing. Upcoming events are listed below in chronological order, click on the link for more information. To invite an ARC analyst to speak at your next event, please visit our Speakers Bureau Service.

  • Advisory Services
    ARC's Advisory Services deliver a comprehensive portfolio of knowledge-based products and services to keep you ahead of the latest industry dynamics and technological changes.
  • Market Data Analytics
    ARC’s Market Intelligence and Rapid Analysis (MIRA) solution lets you look at data, from various perspectives, easily and quickly.
  • Technology Evaluation and Selection Services
    ARC Technology Evaluation and Supplier Selection process is specifically designed for technology as well as software users and acts as a selection guide for evaluating alternatives.
  • Industries

    ARC follows all products and solutions for industry, infrastructure and cities.  Investment in different industries follows different patterns.  Some markets that have been classified as boom markets, have within a period as short as 2 years later, become slow growing markets.  A strategy for the crisis years is not a strategy for boom years.  ARC focuses on helping you understand where the markets are, and what strategies to follow for success.

    Our areas of research include the following key industries, click on the link to learn more:

  • Automotive & Electric Vehicles

    Cost pressures, new competitors from other industries, new materials and technologies, and demographic trends are coming together to increase pressure on automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.  

  • Cement & Glass

    The cement & glass industry follows the business cycle and the overall economic activity.  The cement market is also regional in its nature, as transportation costs are high and the end user landscape is highly fragmented.  The cement industry is a capital- and energy-intensive business that employs a relatively low intensity of labor.  Capital allocation in the industry averages about $225 million per million tons of production capacity.  With these levels of investments and highly cyclical demand, it is imperative to run operations efficiently, reliably, and economically throughout a

  • Chemical & Materials

    Recent economic and technology trends have had major impacts on the global chemicals industry.  This applies to both the specialty chemicals and bulk chemicals sectors.  The industry has also seen an increase in merger and acquisition activity in recent years, and this trend is likely to continue.

  • CPG, Food & Beverage

    Due to the essential nature of many of the products produced, the food & beverages industry is typically less affected by global economic conditions trends than many others, but is highly sensitive to government regulations that often determine how products are manufactured and where they can be sold.  Regional demographic changes also often have a major impact on this industry.

  • Electric Power & Smart Grid

    Worldwide, the installed base of electric generating plants has a capacity of roughly 6,400 GW. Annual new construction is about 5 percent per year, or 320 GW.  However the additions can be 'lumpy' depending on economics and energy policies.  Older and generally smaller generating units are retired from service usually after a 40 year operating life (though this can be extended via further investment).  The amount of generating capacity retired in a typical year can also vary greatly from year to year based on fuel prices, plant economics, and energy policies.

  • Industry Concepts

    ARC's Technology Concepts for Industry are enabling industrial organizations to improve operational performance and shareholder value.

  • Life Sciences & Biotech

    Globalization is leaving its mark on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  While demand for medications is rising in emerging economies, cost pressures from healthcare payers in traditional markets are dampening drug makers economic prospects.  The now ten-year absence of blockbuster drugs in the pipeline compounds this problem and this trend is not likely to change with current R&D processes. 

  • Partial List of Clients
    We are proud of our role in the industry, the experience and talent of our people, and our contributions to the success of our clients.
  • Business Development Manager

    ARC is seeking an experienced Business Development Manager in its Dedham, MA office.

    Job Responsibilities

    The successful candidate will have a wide range of responsibilities including:

  • General Motion Control
    This ARC Market research is a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the general motion control (GMC) market, including market size, segmentation, and forecast, industry structure, and supplier market shares and profiles. Each GMC system includes three functional elements: motion controller, drive, and motor.
  • Digital Transformation
    In this dynamic, complex, and fast-moving space, ARC's Digital Transformation Advisory Service provides the intelligence you need to incorporate the latest developments and best practices into your strategies.
  • Process Simulation and Optimization
    The process simulation and optimization market is at an inflection point. Artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and cloud computing are creating a disruption in this market. Cloud computing accelerates the opportunities for business improvement, enabling engineering organizations to create value from Industrie 4.0-type agility and digitization by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models.
  • ARC Industry Forum Orlando
    The transformation is underway. Discover strategies and stories from the digital front lines at ARC's 24th Annual Industry Forum.
  • Research Analysts

    ARC is currently seeking several Research Analysts for its Dedham, MA Office.

    Job Responsibilities

    ARC provides an open, friendly and informal working environment where you have the freedom to be yourself, dress casually and? speak your mind.  Key responsibilities for this position are:

  • Corporate Advisory Service for Technology Suppliers

    ARC's Corporate Advisory Service provides the intelligence you need to incorporate the latest developments in industry trends, best practices, supply chain management, asset and product lifecycle management, operations management and automation.

    ARC's Corporate Advisory Service delivers the strategic information you need to assess change, and provides an extension to your staff for help with your unique needs.  It contains the intelligence you need to incorporate the latest developments and analysis on all enterprise and manufacturing domain topics. 

  • Best Practice Surveys

    We encourage you to become a part of ARC's Research Community.  Take a survey and receive a free copy of the aggregated results.  Your participation and responses will remain strictly confidential including your company name.  All of our surveys are designed to take less than ten minutes.  To take a survey, please click on the survey title below.