KEB Partners with Brusatori Motori Elettrici

By Naresh Kumar Surepelly

Acquisition or Partnership

KEB Automation, a German multinational company located in the heart of Germany, and Brusatori Motori Elettrici, an Italian manufacturer of electric motors, announce the partnership between the two companies with an agreement based on the acquisition by KEB Automation of 30%.  Founded in 1953, Brusatori is a successful manufacturer in synchronous, asynchronous, direct current and permanent magnet motor technology.  The company has developed the first high torque motors, and starting in 2017, it completed its range by integrating the versions with water or air cooling.  The new series has nominal torque up to 1300 Nm with a compact design.  

With the acquisition, KEB Automation is further expanding its position as an integral supplier of automation solutions right up to the machine shaft.  Brusatori’s product portfolio will supplement KEB’s product portfolio in terms of breadth and quality.

KEB has been producing asynchronous and synchronous motor up to 45 kilowatts in a modular system for geared motors since the middle of the 1990s.  The complete product development and production takes place at the KEB gear motor factory in Schneeberg / Saxony.


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