Advanced Process Control Selection

ARC has been covering Advanced Process Control (APC) for over two decades. Based on this knowledge, ARC analysts have developed a comprehensive set of criteria to help you select the best APC solution available on the market.

Advanced Process Control (APC) Selection Overview

The complex nature of manufacturing coupled with the large investments in assets by operating companies in the process industries make the need for automated process control greater than ever.  APC, also referred to as Multivariable Predictive Control (MPC), is a proven technology that reduces process variability and inefficiency, improves product consistency, increases throughput by allowing operations to push constraints to the limits and achieve higher return on assets.​

Over the years, APC has decisively demonstrated its value as a best practice by increasing throughput and improving yield, energy usage, raw material usage, product quality, safety, and responsiveness.

Implementing an APC solution can be time consuming and costly.  For instance, many companies typically spend hundreds of thousands of dollars installing an APC solution.  Implementation usually involves several lengthy steps such as preconditioning and testing, model building, controller integration, and commissioning.  Many suppliers are now offering improved tools that help decrease the time and effort necessary to implement solutions and achieve faster time-to-benefits.

With the availability of more tools and better methodologies, an increasing number of companies are now starting to apply APC to smaller units that were difficult in the past to justify on an ROI basis.  In addition, more transition and startup sequencing technology is being integrated with control applications to provide safer and more profitable operations.  Incorporating rigorous modeling technology into the controller will also extend its applicable range and accuracy.  Advanced control techniques are also finding many applications in batch and semi-batch operations.

Advanced Process Control Selection Strategic Issues

ARC has been researching the APC market for over two decades and we know the issues:

  • Model identification and scalability from application to multi-process
  • Industry focus, installations, and application
  • Understanding engineering support models, staff training, and globalization
  • Understanding sustainability methods
  • Leveraging new technologies like Cloud, virtualization, and new licensing models
  • Integration with complementary process identification tools
  • Designs for ease of use and model tuning and maintenance
  • Range of technologies including nonlinear models, first principle optimizers, etc.
  • Identify suppliers that match your long term visions
  • Separate leaders from followers

This ARC Selection Guide will help you select an Advanced Process Control solution for the future.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Major Trends
  • Industry Trends
  • Regional Trends
  • Strategies for Success


Partial List of Selection Criteria Topics

  • Business Goals
  • System Functions & Features
    • Architecture
    • Basic Featurs
    • Advanced Features
  • Service Requirements
    • Project
    • Lifecycle

Leading Supplier Analysis

  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers
  • Market Shares by Region
  • Market Shares by Customer Type
  • Market Shares by Application
  • Market Shares by Industry

Leading Supplier Profiles

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