Smart Cities and Buildings

The concept of a smart city is not new, but it is still nascent and the definition remains quite heterogenous. Broadly, a smart city is connected, intelligent and optimized by a municipality to reduce costs, increase safety, attract investment, be sustainable, and enhance livability. To get there will require smart governance, the education of a smart workforce and smart citizens, the digital transformation of assets, and the deployment of sensor networks with ubiquitous multimodal connectivity.

Smart City Connectivity

Smart Cities Overview

Smart cities present tremendous opportunities for industrial IoT vendors, but the technical challenges, vast number of players in this ecosystem, and the fact that it bridges private, public, and consumer realms makes navigating and succeeding in this market a challenge. Cybersecurity, connectivity and working with municipal bureaucracy remain the biggest challenges, but other obstacles include; exponential data volume growth, data cleansing speed, the need to go from cloud to edge architectures, quantifying results, interoperability, and human fears/resistance to transformational change such as Artificial Intelligence.

ARC analysts are the experts in all areas of industry, infrastructure, and cities.  ARC has identified 12 key smart city application sectors:

  • Smart Amenities
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Education
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Finance
  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Health
  • Smart Manufacturing & Construction
  • Smart Public Safety & Security
  • Smart Retail & Logistics
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Utilities

Smart Buildings Overview



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ARC Client Quote

"We engaged ARC to assist us with a strategic decision. With their help and the use of the STAR tool, we were confident that we assessed our options both objectively and thoroughly. They helped us add several dimensions to our decision process, areas that we had not considered earlier and that could potentially have a significant impact on total lifecycle costs."

??/Mike Pietro
Manufacturing Technology COE Leader
Owens Corning

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