Mitsubishi Sensor Security Technology Detects Attacks on Equipment

By Naresh Kumar Surepelly

Company and Product News

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it has developed what is believed to be the world's first sensor-security technology It detects measurement-data inconsistencies by embedding a proprietary algorithm in sensor fusion algorithms, which combine multiple sensors for measurements used in the automatic control of drones, in-vehicle devices, production equipment and more. Going forward, the company will continue development with the aim to commercialize the technology from the year 2020 onwards. 

Detecting Attacks on Equipment with Sensor-security Technology

The key feature of this new algorithm includes detecting malicious attacks based on more than 42 percent inconsistencies in measurement data. In the case of ultrasonic attacks on drones, for example, the Earth's magnetism or gravity is calculated in two ways using intermediate values in the sensor fusion algorithm. Any difference between the two results is treated as an inconsistency.  Also, the new algorithm can be implemented at low cost as additional software in existing sensor signal processing circuits without the need to add or modify hardware. The accuracy of sensor measurements is not compromised.

Sensor-based automatic control is becoming increasingly common in everyday applications such as drones, in-vehicle devices and production facilities, raising the need for cybersecurity countermeasures. I believe such sensor-security technologies, which detect inconsistencies in sensor measurements during malicious attacks, play a key role in industrial and commercial applications.   

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