Capstone Technology Announces Availability of dataPARC 7.0

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Capstone Technology announced the global release of its dataPARC 7.0 data visualization software.  Since its initial release in 1999,  dataPARC has continued to increase its capabilities that enables plant-wide data integration and utilization, while providing operators, engineers, and management with visual representations of current operating conditions.

With its decision support and analysis software’s analytical and troubleshooting modules, dataPARC Version 7.0 incorporates additional enhanced capabilities, including OPC UA for client/server communications leveraging the features native to this protocol, as well as expanded asset model features.  A native asset manager based on the OPC UA’s ISA 95 companion specification has been added and serves the needs of sites that haven’t built an asset model into their historian, as well as those who have been trying to build one.  Also added to dataPARC 7.0 is extending support for asset models provided by existing historians, including the PI-AF.

To further try to help those who seek to compare data across global operations, dataPARC 7.0 now provides a variety of options to time-shift data based on time zones.  For a centralized technical expert comparing previous hours of data across the globe, dataPARC 7.0 provides the ability to align to UTC, as well as an option to align to local time, so an area manager can more easily see a trend of the last production day for multiple sites.  Regardless of the situation, dataPARC can provide the correct time alignment. 

dataPARC 7.0 also provides several new capabilities related to security and management.  These include more granular permissions settings, controlling what data users can access, as well as role-based permissions controlling access to all client applications.

Craig Resnick, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “Companies going through the digital transformation process require user friendly data management tools that enable real-time data access and visibility at any level of the company, with intuitive analytics, graphics, visualization, reporting, data logging and trending capabilities that can seamlessly integrate with all data sources, such as HMI/SCADA and historians.  Capstone Technology’s dataPARC Software Suite is designed to meet these market requirements that will also enable these companies to better centralize their data, avoid duplication of data, maintain ownership of their data, and manage their businesses based on their KPI s and information that provides each user with a single version of the truth”.

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