ARC Smart City Podcast: Intelligent Lighting Networks as a Foundation for IoT Deployments

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

Our latest episode of ARC's Smart City Podcast includes an interview with Amir Hirsch, head of business development at ST Engineering’s Telematics Wireless for North America.  Telematics was founded in 1996 – a spinoff of the Israeli telecom giant Tadiran Communication.  Today, ST Telematics Wireless has a significant business in street lighting controls and intelligent lighting networks, advanced metering infrastructure, water resource management, and intelligent transportation systems.  

Intelligent Lighting Networks Can Do More Than Just Lighting

This podcast focuses on intelligent street lighting as a foundation for overall smart city networks.  Street lighting accounts for a significant percentage of a city’s total energy costs.  Cities are turning to streetlight networks to connect their cities and become smart in a cost-effective manner.  Intelligent LED street lighting networks are proving to be a transformational force in smart cities, providing an affordable option for cities to deploy an IoT platform that is delivering real quantifiable results.  Many end-users find that once they install intelligent lighting networks in their communities, these networks can also accommodate many other types of sensors and devices that can be mounted on near street poles, including sensors for environmental monitoring, acoustic sensors for gunshot detection, and more.  

Intelligent LED street lighting networks featuring embedded software, sensors, and microprocessor-based controllers capable of edge computing and data gathering offer digital capabilities that go well beyond traditional lighting controls. The power of these systems is magnified when deployed with a multitude of sensing devices and intelligent cameras using smart algorithms. These systems are supplying smart city operators and managers with access to real-time awareness using dashboards and location-based intelligence.  



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