Larry O'Brien

Larry O'Brien

Vice President, Research

Larry is responsible for providing oversight in ARC's research into process automation markets, including process automation systems, process safety systems, plant asset management systems, intelligent device management strategies, and field networks.

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Austin, TX
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Enterprise Integration
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Technology Evaluation & Selection

Larry is the research lead for the Collaborative Process Automation Systems vision and related deliverables.  He also covers the end user business in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. 

Larry first joined ARC in 1993 as a junior analyst covering the field device markets, including pressure, temperature, flow, level, and intelligent device networks.   In 1995, he began to cover the market for distributed control systems, followed by research in the fieldbus marketplace, automation services, process safety systems, and SCADA systems. 

Larry has also provided support or served as project lead on several end user consulting projects on subjects ranging from process control system lifecycle management and modernization to control system supplier evaluation and technology adoption and feasibility studies.  On the business side, Larry has authored numerous reports on the overall economic status of the process automation marketplace.  He has participated in merger and acquisition projects on both the supplier side and the government/regulatory side and has served as one of the leading analysts supporting ARC?s financial client base. 

After a recent three-year hiatus as global marketing manager for the Fieldbus Foundation, Larry is now focused on growing ARC's end user customer base in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry.  Larry has also been a member on several ISA committees and has been active in promoting technology standards throughout the process automation industry.