Enterprise Asset Management Software

This Selection Guide includes both selection criteria and strategies for choosing the best enterprise asset management software supplier to meet your business needs.


​The scope of the criteria covers key aspects of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems including asset information management, work order management, materials management, labor management, service contract management, financial management, reporting, and technology architecture.  The guide has attributes tailored for industrial organizations, and allows those involved in a EAM selection process to make improved decisions more quickly. 

The key metrics for maintenance managers involve uptime, asset longevity, cost control, and safety across a diverse set of assets and technologies.  To meet these critical objectives, executive management recognizes the requirement for a modern and reliable EAM system.  In addition, the EAM system needs to integrate with other systems including condition monitoring and corporate finance.  The improved economy has unleashed a backlog of projects for new EAM systems among industrial organizations.  To support the growing demand for help with supplier selection, ARC created the EAM Supplier Selection Guide. 

EAM system selection is mission critical particularly in the asset-intensive industries.  The total solution has become complex and functionality involves the combination of an expanded range of capabilities and specific technology requirements.  While product plays a major role, suppliers have specific domain expertise, geographical presence, and knowledge of certain industry dynamics.  These must all be evaluated in a supplier selection process.

Enterprise Asset Management Software Strategic Issues

ARC has been researching the EAM market for decades and we know the issues:

  • Asset Information Management
    Enterprise Asset Management Software
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  • Work Order Management including mobility
  • MRO Materials Management
  • Labor Management
  • Service Contract Management
  • Financial Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Mobility
  • Emerging technologies
  • Integration with condition monitoring, historian, EH&S, CPM/MES, and other asset performance management systems
  • Integration with project management, documentation management, ERP, and other business systems
  • Support, training, and upgrades
  • Supplier long term viability

This ARC Selection Guide will help you select the best available EAM system to meet your needs now and in the future.

Enterprise Asset Management Software Selection Guide Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Major Trends
  • Industry & Regional Trends
  • Factors Contributing to EAM Adoption
  • Factors Inhibiting EAM Adoption
  • Strategies for Success


Partial List of Selection Criteria Topics

  • Business Goals
  • System Functions & Features
    • Architecture
    • Basic Featurs
    • Advanced Features
  • Service Requirements
    • Project
    • Lifecycle

Current Practices and Future Plans Survey Results

Leading Supplier Analysis 

  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers
  • Market Shares by Region
  • Market Shares by Industry

Leading Supplier Profiles

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