Industrial IoT Edge

Industrial IoT Edge 2.0: From Pervasive Infrastructure to Outcome-Driven Solutions

Industrial IoT EdgeThe edge of industrial internet-enabled architectures plays an increasingly critical role in determining the success of digital transformation strategies.   Initially focused on delivering timely, clean data to cloud-based applications, the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) edge has emerged as an entirely new ecosystem within the overall enterprise architecture.  

The industrial IoT edge vision has migrated from a pervasive infrastructure technology to one that emphasizes outcome-driven use cases.  This emphasis on outcomes, along with improved ease of use and self-service, are some of the most prominent characteristics of what ARC calls Industrial IoT Edge 2.0.

Escalating Compute and Store Requirements Drive Broad Spectrum of Edge Functionality

The emerging industrial IoT edge ecosystem is much richer and more nuanced than any MES or network infrastructure layer or site of IT/OT convergence.  This expanding tier of the architecture represents a functional spectrum ranging from device connectivity to development, deployment, management, visualization, and execution of applications critical to achieving incremental business improvement and competitive advantage

Originally viewed as the boundary between IT and OT, the scope of the industrial IoT edge continues to evolve.  Escalating requirements for edge-to-cloud connectivity, as well as compute power and storage to serve edge computing requirements, are driving further evolution.  Edge devices of all types, including edge servers, network infrastructure devices, and endpoints, continue to realize ongoing price/performance improvements - furthering the convergence of compute/connect and continued downward migration of edge processing.

ARC Market Intelligence on the Industrial IoT Edge

The Multi-tiered Industrial IoT EdgeARC has over 30 years’ experience quantifying the industrial automation market.  We provide extensive market coverage of all aspects of the industrial IoT edge ranging from network infrastructure and endpoint devices to edge and cloud software platforms.  Strategic issues covered include:

  • What is and will be the role of the industrial IoT Edge in Digital Transformation of Industry & Cities?
  • How will emergence of a multi-tiered edge impact supplier prospects?
  • What impact will the descent of enterprise cloud players to the edge have on the competitive landscape?
  • What are the prospects for edge computing in total and by device type?
  • How large is the Total Available Market (TAM) for Industrial IoT-enabled endpoint devices and network infrastructure, and what is the potential for growth in each segment?

Industrial IoT Research Topics

ARC covers a broad spectrum of topics related to the Industrial Internet of Things.  Global Market Research Reports are available for each of the topics below.  Technology Selection Guides are also available for several of the topics below.

Industrial IoT Edge Software Platforms

IIoT Gateways and Routers

IIoT Endpoint Devices - Total Available Market

  • Market data and scope:  logic, motion, and process controllers; drives; sensors; I/O
  • Market Research Report

IIoT Network Edge Infrastructure - Total Available Market

Fixed Industrial Routers

  • Market data and scope:  Ethernet and cellular, cloud integration, edge computing
  • Market Research Report  

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Industrial and IIoT Network Gateways

Industrial Ethernet Endpoint Devices

Wireless Devices in Process Automation

Industrial and Outdoor Wireless Access Points

  • Market data and scope:  new vs. retrofit, fixed vs. mobile, form factor, Wi-Fi standard, environmental
  • Market Research Report 

IoT Cloud Application Platforms

Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial PCs