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  • Acquisition Integration and ROA
    ARC consulted with the client project team leaders representing several plants related to an Acquisition Integration and ROA.
  • Client Success Stories
    ARC Advisory Group services provide the answers for your specific business and industry needs, here are a few of our client success stories.
  • Assessing a Technology and Its Market Potential
    A manufacturer invented a unique technology for measurement and wanted to assess its potential for a new business.
  • Press Releases

    ARC content is published by all leading publications around the world: Control, Automation World, Supply Chain Brain, Hydrocarbon Processing, Search, Plant Engineering.

  • Brewer's Manufacturing Systems Adapt to a Changing Market
    The brewer was unprepared for changing market demands that drove proliferation of recipes and SKUs. With ARC's workshops, they now have a process automation system roadmap that accommodates the change while also optimizing operations.
  • Business Strategy and Growth Workshop
    ARC conducted a Business Strategy Workshop for the client providing an external viewpoint on market conditions, user needs, and partners.
  • Faster Project Time for System Upgrade
    ARC provided a seminar on the DCS technology assessment, and supplier profiles for Faster Project Time for System Upgrade.
  • Information Systems Strategic Plan Assessment for Government Contractor
    A Government contractor engaged with ARC to provide an independent assessment of its information technology infrastructure.
  • Multi-Mill Automation Technology Assessment for Paper Products Company
    As part of a 5-year plan to implement new control technologies for its paper mills across the US, a paper products manufacturer engaged with ARC to provide an independent review and assessment of the various automation systems currently in place.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Factory of the Future
    The new pharmaceutical enterprise business model requires dramatic changes in drug discovery, clinical research, and clinical and commercial manufacturing.
  • Multi-Plant Quality Control and Management
    The ARC survey, assessment and report provided a roadmap for systems that support the next level of business performance so they can continue to be competitive.
  • Reduce Overall Transportation Costs
    A major food and beverage company uses third party logistics providers to lower their transportation costs.
  • System Architecture and Strategy
    ARC advises a specialty chemicals company with their manufacturing systems architecture and future roadmap.
  • System Architecture and Supplier Selection
    Client needed expertise to bring clarity and objectivity to the decision-making process for supplier selection.
  • System Audit for Project Implementation Improvements
    ARC was engaged to perform a project implementation audit by a leading beverage company.
  • Compressor Monitoring and Controls
    This report provides a concise analysis of the compressor monitoring and controls market, including market size and segmentation, market forecast, industry structure, and supplier market shares.  The scope of the research was primarily on the aftermarket/retrofit opportunity.
  • On-Off Valves, Actuators, and Switchboxes
    This report serves as an effective planning guide for on-off valves, actuators, and switchboxes suppliers and new entrants to the business.
  • Videos & Webcasts

    Video Interviews with Industry Executives and ARC Analysts

  • Business Performance Improvement Levers

    Manufacturing executives must carefully balance and optimize the performance of all plant processes and systems using all Business Performance Improvement Levers . 

  • Government

    ARC assists various government policy and IT leaders, as well as the suppliers who serve them, in making more effective technology decisions by providing accurate, timely, and fact-based research and consulting services. ARC has hosted many workshops related to industrial cybersecurity in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security.

  • High Tech & Medical Devices

    ARC works closely with both suppliers and users of technology in the high-tech industry such as electronics, medical devices, and semiconductors. 

  • Logistics and Transportation

    Surveys have documented an 'IT gap' in logistics and transportation - a gap between the importance shippers attach to a Logistics Service Provider’s (LSPs) IT competence and how competent the shipper finds the 3PLs it works with.  One key aspect of that gap is the desire among shippers to have access to real-time tracking data.  There has been an explosion of new sensor data available to be used to create digital supply chains.

  • Oil & Gas

    The oil & gas industry sector - which ARC defines as upstream and midstream oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation, plus gas processing - has witnessed dramatic ups and downs in recent years.

  • Pulp & Paper

    The global pulp & paper industry is evolving, presenting industry participants and technology suppliers alike with both challenges and opportunities.  In general, pulp and paper production are shifting from Northern Europe and North America to large, integrated mills in emerging economies in South America and Asia (although we are seeing some targeted investments in the former regions).   Markets in Western Europe, Japan, and North America are stagnating or shrinking across the board.  Due to the shift to digital media and communications, the global market for newsprint is shrinking, wh

  • Smart Cities and Buildings

    The concept of a smart city is not new, but it is still nascent and the definition remains quite heterogenous. Broadly, a smart city is connected, intelligent and optimized by a municipality to reduce costs, increase safety, attract investment, be sustainable, and enhance livability. To get there will require smart governance, the education of a smart workforce and smart citizens, the digital transformation of assets, and the deployment of sensor networks with ubiquitous multimodal connectivity.