SAP-Centric EAM

End Date
Event Location San Antonio, TX
Event Type Conference
ARC Participation ARC Will Speak
ARC Participants Ralph Rio

Presentation title: “Reducing Unplanned Downtime with SAP S/4HANA Predictive Maintenance and Service”

This presentation will show you - specifically for an SAP environment - how IoT reduces unplanned downtime, lowers maintenance costs, and improves your career prospects.  Use IoT for data driven maintenance planning and execution.  Included are insights on obtaining executive support.  Case studies will describe implementation and benefits.

Unplanned downtime cascades into a myriad of business problems – lost production, missed promised shipment dates, lower revenue, higher WIP inventory, scrapped materials, higher maintenance costs, and safety incidents.  Unfortunately, good maintenance execution is facing headwinds.  82 percent of assets have a random failure rate making preventive maintenance on them ineffective.  New equipment is getting more complex and technically sophisticated.  And, existing equipment keeps getting older.  Data driven maintenance with SAP S4/HANA Predictive Maintenance and Service allows you to plan repairs when they are truly needed to prevent failures.