Weatherford Integrates Microsoft Power BI into ForeSite Platform

By Tim Shea

Company and Product News

Weatherford announced the integration of Microsoft Power BI into the ForeSite production optimization platform for the oilfield industry.  This integration helps accelerate ForeSite users' ability to deep dive into their production data, conduct analyses, and create simple, easy-to-digest data visualizations that illustrate virtually any production scenario from the well to asset level.   

Power BI features are fully integrated into the ForeSite optimization workflow, enabling visual data exploration to condense vast amounts of oilfield data from any corporate data source into actionable dashboards and reports.  ForeSite users will be able to create and visualize customized data reports or select from a series of built-in visualization dashboards and reports that monitor KPIs and identify production optimization opportunities. Among the pre-built, production-data analysis package are:

  • Financial Health Report lets users assess production versus spend by job, by service provider, by asset group, and more.  This leverages data from ForeSite Field Services Management module.
  • Failure Analytics Report lets user assess current and historical failure data to gain insight into vendor or technology efficiency, including equipment performance of two or more vendor brands to determine the lowest total cost of ownership.  
  • Asset Performance Dashboard gives real-time update on pre-set KPIs, such as production targets, asset downtime, uplift potential, and more.
  • Manager's Report gives a broad, asset level performance visualization for an asset or enterprise including estimated versus actual spend and production.


The Power BI connector is the latest expansion to ForeSite platform capabilities.  Introduced in May 2017, ForeSite remains an enterprise-level platform to optimize the complete life-of-well productivity from downhole to the point of sale.  


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