Smart Lighting Innovators Market Map

By Alex Chatha

Industry Trends

Lighting control networks as conduits for IoT data flow in buildings and cities. Just a few years ago this would have sounded ridiculous, but the impact of IoT is transformational and has created an environment where we must approach things in new ways and operate without legacy burdens when evaluating solutions. Lighting control systems have evolved in recent years to reflect the changing lighting needs of modern buildings, plants, infrastructure, and entertainment venues. Today’s advanced lighting control systems can not only reduce energy costs, but also increase control, employee comfort, and productivity.

In addition, lower costs for data acquisition, edge-capable hardware, wireless technologies, and cloud-based management platforms have made intelligent lighting systems cost-effective for many small- to medium-size installations. A new generation of lighting innovators has created a paradigm shift within the industry, with lighting networks emerging as a logical option for IoT networks in buildings and cities. Below you will find a market map that is focused on the market innovators and major system suppliers which are organized in a vertical technology stack.  I prepared this to accompany my newly published Smart Lighting Systems Market Analysis Report found here.


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