New ARC Survey to Understand IIoT Cyber Security Concerns

By Sid Snitkin

Industry Trends

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is clearly a hot topic today.  Owners and operators are recognizing the potential benefits of more information about their operations and the opportunity to embrace new strategies like remote, predictive maintenance.  Suppliers of all kinds of products see opportunities to offer new and improved services to their customers.

While interest is high, ARC research suggests that cyber security concerns may be constraining more rapid IIoT adoption.  Technology exists to develop secure IIoT deployments, but suppliers need to understand the specific issues to configure the most appropriate solution.  This includes:

  • The kinds of IIoT use cases that companies want to deploy

  • The cyber threats that are their biggest concerns

  • The constraints that they have on the management of IIoT devices

ARC has recently launched a survey to collect this information.  If you’re a supplier of industrial technology and equipment, a machinery manufacturer, an industrial company, or a provider of IIoT we would appreciate your participation.  Everyone who completes the survey will get a free summary report of our findings.

This survey requests information about your company's plans to use IIoT and your cyber security concerns. It does not ask for specific details about your cyber strategy or defenses.  Individual responses will be considered confidential and only aggregate information will be used in any reports.

If you have a few minutes to spare, we’d love to get your insights.  You can find the survey here:  Securing the Industrial Internet of Things or just enter the following url into your browser:

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