Moxa Helps Customers Shore Up Industrial Cybersecurity to Get Back to the New Normal

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

Moxa Inc. has introduced its new industrial cybersecurity solution, EtherCatch IEC-G102-BP Series IPS, EtherFire IEF-G9010 Series next-generation firewall, and Security Dashboard Console security management software.  This solution will help shore up network defense for critical manufacturing and infrastructure, empowering business owners to get back to the new normal, quickly and safely.

Moxa’s industrial cybersecurity solution consists of EtherCatch IEC-G102-BP Series industrial next-generation IPS, EtherFire IEF-G9010 Series industrial next-generation firewall, and Security Dashboard Console (SDC) security management software, which can proactively protect OT systems from malicious cyberactivity, remedy vulnerabilities on affected OT equipment via virtual patching, and enhance the visibility of industrial networks.

Moxa’s Industrial Cybersecurity Solution

  • Protect OT Systems From Malicious Cyberactivity

The EtherCatch Series industrial next-generation IPS and EtherFire Series industrial next-generation firewall protect critical assets, such as PLCs and HMIs at the edge of OT networks.  The EtherCatch and EtherFire, equipped with OT-centric DPI technology, can sniffer network traffic and give users visibility of existing assets and connections, which help administrators and operators understand the condition of current OT systems with fine-grained behavior monitoring and control of cyberactivities.

  • Pattern-based Virtual Patching

Performing patching frequently significantly reduces a system’s exposure to cyberthreats. However, it continues to be a critical challenge in OT environments. “Virtual Patching” technologies can complement existing patch management processes by shielding against vulnerabilities. Virtual patching acts as an agentless emergency security tool that network administrators and operators can use quickly to remedy vulnerabilities on affected OT equipment.

  • Real-time Visibility and Central Management

Moxa’s Security Dashboard Console (SDC) includes an intuitive, real-time management feature for administrators and operators to manage the EtherCatch and EtherFire Series from one place.  The SDC can orchestrate and automate security policy, monitor network activity at a glance in real-time, and execute policy, firmware, and pattern updates quickly to the EtherCatch and EtherFire Series.

The Moxa industrial cybersecurity solution includes the network security appliances–EtherCatch IEC-G102-BP Series industrial next-generation IPS and Secure Dashboard Console (SDC) security management software are now available.  EtherFire IEF-G9010 Series industrial next-generation firewall will be available in Q3 2020.


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