MESA contributes winning presentation to ARC’s European Industry Forum 2019

By Valentijn de Leeuw

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ARC Advisory Group Europe and MESA EMEA join forces in providing quality presentations and a workshop on MES/MOM at the annual ARC European Industry Forum (EIF) for several years. Uwe Kueppers, chair of MESA EMEA said: "I believe as MESA we were able of adding valuable content and contributed to an excellent event organized by ARC. We are looking forward to continue our partnership in the future”. 

Since 2016, within the framework of the cooperation, MESA Africa provides a speaker every year, whose trip to Europe is the prize for the best presentation at the MESA South Africa conference.  This year, Willi Smit and Gerhard Botha of Sasol will present “How to Unleash Your Manufacturing Potential” by looking at sources of loss, both in processes and systems.  They defined a path from the current situation to an extended real-time production architecture, by using an asset information model to build asset failure prediction and simulation in order to provide predictive maintenance.  The proof-of-concept being completed, Sasol can also report on progress in implementing the architecture. 

Starting 2019, ARC, MESA EMEA and Club MES in France came to a similar agreement for the best presentation at the “Assises du MES”, held every October in Paris.  The winner this year is Ollivier Vallement, Technical Manager at Eurial Ultra Frais supported by Productsys, with their presentation "MES in real life: the challenge of integrating new application into an existing production IT landscape.”  He will be presenting at the ARC European Industry Forum to be held on May 21-22, 2019, in Sitges, close to Barcelona, Spain.

Eurial Ultra Frais had collected, stored and transcribed significant amounts of data regarding processes and equipment in its systems that have grown with the assets over time.  This reality needs to be take into account at the start of an MES project, otherwise it could become another silo in the jungle of applications and databases: ERP, Oracle, MS SQL Server, INSQL, MS Access and Excel on one hand, and automation and industrial networking on the other, which are not always fully supported by IT.  The objectives of the project were paperless operations management, real-time performance indicators and ultimately to build a business intelligence tool, that will be integrated into the future Industrie 4.0 production facility.

The ARC European Industry Forum is honored with this excellent contribution from France.


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