Mendix Low-Code Enterprise Application Development Platform Brought to MindSphere by Siemens

By David Humphrey

Company and Product News

Siemens announces the immediate availability of Mendix for MindSphere, bringing the transformational digitalization and business benefits of Mendix software to software development for the industrial internet of things (IoT).  MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens, provides developers with open APIs, services and the support needed to build, test and deliver MindSphere applications.  Mendix was acquired by Siemens in 2018, and this integration is the first step in leveraging the investment in the low-code software developer to help bring new industrial software solutions to market. 

The Mendix for MindSphere integrated solution, announced as part of the company’s Spring ’19 Release at Mendix World, is a key driver for IoT, which will help accelerate the time-to-value for industry investments in connected sensor technology.  The Mendix application platform’s AI-assisted, visual development model expands the pool of talent available to develop IoT applications. Business developers, domain engineers, and plant operations staff — in addition to professional developers — can now build advanced IoT solutions without the need for coding.

Companies need cost-effective ways to quickly build industry-vertical IoT applications and leverage built-in connectivity with edge devices.  The Mendix and MindSphere integration is a single solution that addresses these needs as well as the challenge of a dramatic shortage of development talent.  By expanding the pool of human capital available in an enterprise to support the development process, and accelerating that process through the low-code platform, companies reportedly can achieve a faster, greater return on their IoT investment.

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