Learn About Smart Parking Systems at the ARC Annual Forum February 4th – 7th Orlando 

By Smart Cities Team

Industry Trends

For over twenty years, ARC Advisory Group has hosted the ARC Industry & City Forum, where over 1000 private and public sector leaders gather to discuss Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, and Smart City topics.  

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In 2019, we are further expanding our Smart Cities track – filling it with thought-provoking talks and discussion on topics that matter to you. One such session is: 

Smart Parking Systems   

Anyone driving in a city today will probably tell you: parking is a nightmare!  

Not only is finding a spot a pain, but all those drivers circling the block are adding to some awful congestion – pushing up commute times, emissions, and everybody’s blood pressure. Looking for spots also takes drivers’ eyes off the road, impacting safety. 

Drivers avoid certain areas and businesses known for parking problems. Conversely, less visible spots may end up underutilized – not a great use of valuable city real estate. 

When people do find a spot, payment can be clunky. Many drivers don’t pay at all, leaving some much-needed city revenue on the table. Enforcement is costly and very much a blunt instrument – 5 minutes and 5 hours of unpaid parking results in identical fines. 

A Smart Solution 

A smart parking system might address these challenges by detecting space vacancy and using that information to direct people sensibly around a lot or to an empty street space via a mobile app. Drivers could pay easily and for the exact amount of time spent parked, maybe with rates that vary with demand. 

Operators would now have the chance to observe parking assets in real time, lower enforcement costs, use resources to target more intrusive violations (parking in a handicap zone), utilize quieter spots, and reduce congestion in their city. Data can inform policy making and open opportunities for urban innovation. 

 At Smart Parking Session at ARC’s Industry & City Forum, industry experts Dana Klein from CloudParc, Chris Black of CDW, Jim Corbett of Walker Consultants, and Robert Kamper and Jason Sutton from SP+ will share success stories and challenges faced in smartening up a city’s parking ecosystem.  


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Additional Smart City Sessions include: 

  • Smart City Platform Success Stories 
  • Autonomous & Connected Vehicles Test Bed Tour – FDOT’s SunTrax  
  • IoT and Smart Lighting Platforms: The Dramatic Impacts and Hidden Opportunities of Convergence 
  • Smart City Project Best Practices  
  • The Cybersecurity Challenge for Smart Cities & Infrastructure  
  • Drones for Industry & Smart Cities  
  • Mobility-as-a-Service: A Focus on Smart Transportation  
  • Smart Parking Systems - Dramatic Impacts and Current Challenges 
  • And much more… 


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The ARC Forum will be held February 4-7, 2019 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, 6677 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando, Florida 32821.  

 Learn more about reserving your place at the forum webpage or  

Contact:  Rob D’Angelo, Director of Strategic Services direct at 781-471-1150 / rdangelo@arcweb.com for more information 




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