Industrial PC Market influenced by Currency Swings

Industry Trends

Like other markets, the IPC market experienced ups and downs over the last few years, especially due to currency swings in 2015.  Global industrial trends, such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 support the demand for data from the plant floor, thereby increasing the demand for IPCs for analytics and data transfer. 

Today, industrial PCs are often installed next to the controller to collect data and to enable a connection with office systems.  In the last years, industrial PCs gained increasing acceptance for control tasks.  This will continue as suppliers increasingly address concerns from users and OEMs about safety and security.  Over the forecast period, we do not anticipate a dramatic change in the PLC or IPC markets.  IPCs will grow faster, but will explore new applications rather than squeeze out PLC- based controllers. 

ARC has just published a comprehensive updated market outlook study on Industrial Personal Computers (/market-studies/industrial-pc) that provides a quantitative assessment of the market and associated analysis.  While the study is primarily focused at supporting the marketing efforts of current and prospective suppliers, it includes much information that end user organizations would find helpful, including both technology trends, factors that propel and inhibit growth, and profiles of the leading technology suppliers in this sector.  

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