Indegy and Owl Cyber Defense Solutions to Provide Single View of OT and IT Security

By Larry O'Brien

Acquisition or Partnership

Indegy and Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC (“Owl”), announced a partnership to provide the safe unification of OT security data with IT monitoring systems.

The tested and certified joint Indegy-Owl solution reportedly gives customers the confidence of knowing that their OT network is physically inaccessible from the external network while being monitored by the Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite.

Indegy and Owl work together to securely pass data from Indegy sensors located on OT networks to the Indegy Security Platform outside of the control network, while enforcing a diode-based air-gap between the two environments.  Owl separates both networks, while allowing sensor to ISP traffic to securely pass through it.

The joint solution enables:

  • 360 degree visibility into critical OT assets that were previously air-gapped from IT without introducing the risk of lateral threats
  • The seamless flow of Indegy OT data through the Owl diode
  • Easy configuration and deployment of network sensors in segments protected by the Owl diode
  • Threat detection and remediation by the Owl data diode
  • The delivery both IT and OT updates to security systems in isolated networks

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