Honeywell Unveils Expanded Cybersecurity Business at HUG 2018

By Larry O'Brien

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A year after its acquisition of secure remote access solution provider NextNine, Honeywell Process Solutions showed a considerably expanded suite of cybersecurity offerings at its 2018 Honeywell User Group meeting, which was again hosted at the JW Marriott resort outside San Antonio. HUG's focus on cybersecurity was much greater this year, with a series of new and upgraded offerings from secure remote access to managed services for overall cybersecurity operations. 

With its existing client relationships still in place, NextNine technology has over 6,000 installations worldwide and its expertise really opens up new opportunities for Honeywell in cybersecurity. Today, with the NextNine business fully integrated into Honeywell Process Solutions, the company unveiled its ICS Shield solution. ICS Shield is more than just a secure remote access solution and provides an overall top-down OT security management platform for securing connected Industrial Control Systems (ICS)/SCADA environments. ICS Shield secures remote field assets from a single security and operations center and can automate deployment and enforcement of plant-wide security policies.

CyberVantage: Managed Services for Cybersecurity

Just as Honeywell is moving to outcome-based solutions and services with its Assurance360 program for operations, the company is also looking at providing complete managed cybersecurity services under the CyberVantage brand. HPS currently has 407 sites subscribing to this managed cybersecurity service, and it’s expanding rapidly because many end users in Honeywell’s customer base simply don’t have the resources to address cybersecurity effectively on their own. CyberVantage promises improved visibility into potential threats and offers threat detection and vulnerability identification, extended multivendor support, and access to Honeywell CyberVantage security operations centers (SOCs) located in Singapore, Bucharest, and Houston. In addition to CyberVantage, Honeywell featured its other cybersecurity service offerings such as site assessment, segmentation, penetration, and advanced cybersecurity development strategies.

CyberVantage Managed Cybersecurity Solutions
CyberVantage: A New Suite of Managed Cybersecurity Services from Honeywell Process Solutions

SMX and ATIX: A Secure Environment for USB in OT Environments

USB technology has long been a cyber threat to the ICS/SCADA world. While some end users have banned the use of USB technology across their organizations, it’s clear that managing USB in OT environments will continue to be a big challenge. Secure Media Exchange (SMX) technology from HPS was featured at HUG and provides a secure environment for using USB technology in the OT/ICS/SCADA world. SMX delivers vendor-agnostic ICS threat updates, continuous monitoring of USB ports, logging capabilities and more.  SMX allows end users to plug in and check devices for approved use in the facility. Contractors “check-in” their USB drive by plugging it into an SMX Intelligence Gateway. The ruggedized industrial device analyzes files using a variety of techniques included with Honeywell’s Advanced Threat Intelligence Exchange (ATIX), a secure, hybrid-cloud threat analysis service.

Experion Risk Manager: Performance Management for Cybersecurity

Experion Risk Manager cybersecurity software was also featured, which provides a single platform for measuring and managing cybersecurity risk. As a performance management tool for cybersecurity effectiveness in an OT organization, Risk Manager collects information on installed assets and collects status and security events from applications and all major network infrastructure devices including Intel Security, Cisco, and others.  Risk Manager serves all of this information up in a single environment with some advanced dashboards and visualization tools to provide information in context for cybersecurity personnel. 

Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions
HPS Shows Off Its New Cybersecurity Business at 2018 HUG: From Products to Managed Services

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