Highlights of DistribuELEC 2019

By Sharada Prahladrao

Industry Trends

In an emerging economy like India, availability of quality and reliable power, is essential for the flawless functioning and increased productivity of all its sectors. Though the Indian power distribution utilities have come a long way toward achieving this objective since the enactment of the Electricity Act 2003, distribution remains the weakest link, and the Highlights of DistribuELEC are vital towards correcting this.

Combating Challenges in the Transmission & Distribution Sector

Further, the growth in load and distributed generation brings new challenges for the distribution network and these challenges can be overcome with the amalgamation of electrical equipment and digital network technology. DistribuELEC 2019 exhibited the power of this collaboration. Companies from across the globe showcased innovative, state-of-the-art technologies that are designed to improve quality and reliability of supply and reduce losses. This third edition of DistribuELEC, organized by the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) in Mumbai, saw the convergence of utility, consumer, electrical operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) on the same platform to empower all stakeholders. This exposition on power distribution was held between 4th and 6th February, showcasing products, technologies and services from 220V to 33kV in traditional electrical equipment, like transformers, cables, capacitors, switchgears, insulators, conductors, and new age technologies in distribution automation and control systems, energy efficiency, demand response, advanced metering, communications technologies, cybersecurity, electrical fire safety, etc.

According to Harish Agarwal, President IEEMA, renewables are outpacing fossil fuel-based plants when it comes to adding generating capacity.  There is an increasing need for a digitized, automated and controllable power system for optimizing power flows and reducing losses. Legacy systems need to adapt as distributed generation, energy storage, and information infrastructure are becoming vital components of the power system. DistribuELEC 2019 and BuildELEC 2019 provided the energy and construction industries an unrivalled platform to meet suppliers and end users. Visitors got an opportunity to interact with the exhibitors and explore new developments, and learn from leading industry experts during the conference.

Highlights of DistribuELEC 2019

BuildELEC 2019: The concurrent exhibition, BuildELEC 2019, exhibited smart electrical technologies and equipment to make buildings as intelligent structures. This exhibition showcased the convergence of OT and IT directly at buildings to make key utilization centers (industrial and commercial buildings and residential dwellings) efficient and safe.

Intelect 2019: The theme of the conference (co-located with DistribuELEC 2019) was “Towards smart, reliable, efficient and safe electricity.” This was structured to share best practices in smart power with focus on digitalization tools, such as Cloud, IoT, cybersecurity; distribution equipment; loss reduction and revenue protection; implementation strategies; and policies and regulations.  

ELECRAMA 2020: The official launch of ELECRAMA 2020 (organized by IEEMA) was held at the same venue on February 4, 2019.  The 14th edition of ELECRAMA in 2020 will be a flagship showcase of the Indian electrical industry ecosystem; and will see the world’s largest confluence of the power transmission and distribution community. Its focus will be on innovation and new technologies; and creating a conducive platform for partnership with other countries.

Growth Through New Technologies

India and many other developing countries are expanding and improving their distribution network to supply 24x7 power to their citizens.  Growth in load and distributed generation brings new challenges for the distribution network. Utilities are also deploying state-of-the-art technologies to improve quality and reliability of supply and also reduce losses. These challenges can be overcome only through knowledge sharing, collaboration among all stakeholders, and effective linkage of electrical equipment and digital network technology. Conferences, such as the recently held DistribuELEC 2019 facilitate such improvements and growth.

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