Edge 2.0: From Pervasive Infrastructure to Business Outcomes

By Chantal Polsonetti

Industry Trends

The industrial IoT edge vision has migrated from a pervasive infrastructure technology to one that emphasizes outcome-driven use cases.  This emphasis on outcomes, along with improved ease of use and self-service, are some of the most prominent characteristics of what we call Edge 2.0, or the crop of new releases and upgrades unveiled in 2018. 

Savvy customers recognize that the industrial IoT should be pursued not just for technology’s sake, but to achieve concrete business outcomes.  Defining your desired outcome is a place to start determining the best solution since offerings vary.  Early industrial IoT edge implementations tend to emphasize outcomes such as reduced machine downtime (connected products), incremental performance improvements (connected operations), cost savings for service operations (connected service), and both product and service innovation. 

Industrial IoT Edge 2.0 Offerings Focus on Horizontal and Vertical Outcomes

The Industrial IoT edge 2.0 round of software offerings place greater emphasis on turnkey solutions that address specific outcome-oriented use cases.  While early industrial IoT edge solutions, such as predictive maintenance, tended to be more horizontal in application, the emphasis on outcome-focused use cases is driving an increasingly vertical orientation as solutions gain traction in segments, such as industrial machinery, automotive, transportation, and other early adopter industries. 

Edge 2.0: From Pervasive Infrastructure cpiotedge1.JPG

Hardware and software suppliers alike are looking to combined solutions packages to differentiate themselves and add incremental value, particularly to increasingly commoditized network infrastructure hardware.  Offerings such as ADLINK’s Digital Experiments as a Service (DXS), Advantech’s Solution Ready Packages (SRPs), Cisco’s Validated Designs, and Dell’s IoT Connected Bundles are just some examples of the migration toward outcome-oriented solutions offerings.

Material for this blog was generated from ARC’s new global market research report on Industrial IoT Edge Software Platforms.  For more information on this and other available ARC market research on the industrial IoT edge, see our dedicated IIoT edge research webpage.  You can also join the conversation about this exciting topic on ARC’s blog sites or LinkedIn Groups:  IIoT and IIoT Network Edge.

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