Cybersecurity and Digitalization: Siemens Talks with ARC, Tenable, NXP

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

Digitalization and cybersecurity are two sides of the same coin - so we must determine how these driving forces can co-exist for the future growth and security of our critical infrastructure.  Integrating IT, OT and IoT cybersecurity efforts is challenging but critically important. Different security concerns drive the need for different technologies and processes. Availability of cybersecurity expertise challenges all groups, while cultural differences constrain effective sharing. Deployment of IoT devices and cloud strategies threaten the organization’s ability to control their own cyber destinies.

From mega attacks to risk ownership, to certifications, standards and regulations, hear leading cybersecurity industry experts, including Amit Yoran, CEO of Tenable, Sami Nassar, VP Cybersecurity of NXP Semiconductor and Sid Snitkin, VP & GM Enterprise Services of ARC Advisory Group discuss these and more topics in an informal and thought-provoking roundtable discussion. View the discussion at


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