AVEVA World Conference - Your Digital Transformation, An Execution Roadmap

By Rajkumar Paira

Industry Trends

In the recently concluded AVEVA’s World Conference in November 2018, Mumbai, the main theme of the conference was “Your Digital Transformation, An Execution Roadmap.” AVEVA highlighted its digital transformation drives and offerings for varied customers, whereas end user/customer speakers highlighted partnerships and implementing new technologies that have helped them in their respective digital transformation journeys. 

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In the opening keynote, titled Digital Transformation across Asset & Operations Cycle with AVEVA, Evgeny Fedotov, Executive Vice President - Asia Pacific, AVEVA, talked about various aspects of digital transformation initiatives that are being taken for different industry segments and AVEVA’s recent success stories (provided below).  His presentation focused on:

Aligning CapEx and OpEx, which includes different imperatives such as capital expenditure constraints, compressed construction engineering & design cycles, operational efficiency to drive profitability, asset reliability and availability, performance management & decision support, and workforce evolution and capability

Finally Translating digital transformation context to specific value chain objectives in the industrial markets where the elements of a typical digital lifecycle, including Asset Performance, Monitor and Control, Plan and Schedule, Operate and Optimize, Engineer, Procure, and Construct, matter a lot for a manufacturing plant

An Interesting Key Customer Success Story

ADNOC, Abu Dhabi, UAE – AVEVA provided a scalable real-time information management and application integration platform operating through “The Panorama Digital Command Centre.”  This command center enables ADNOC to monitor and optimize the performance of its assets and operations across 16 operating companies from their Abu Dhabi headquarters.  This center integrates 100,000 tags scalable to more than 2 million tags.  It gives a single access point to critical operational and performance information, facilitating smarter and faster decision-making and better enabling them to uncover new solutions.

Mr. Fedotov concluded his session highlighting the various solutions by AVEVA in the product lifecycle stages, such as process design, plant design, procurement, fabrication, construction, and commissioning. 

Customer 1: Perspectives on Digital Transformation in Downstream

by Mr. Matt Malladi, VP Business Development, Reliance Industries Limited

Mr. Malladi covered the technology advancements being taken up by RIL with a focus on how digital transformation to maximize return on capital and improve profitability in the downstream oil & gas sector.  Some of the drivers for the digital transformation are powerful data analytics capability, emergence of Industrial IoT and cloud connectivity, improved design architectures assuring cybersecurity and accelerated IT/OT convergence by industry 4.0. 

Mr. Malladi spoke about seamlessly integrating IT & OT layers for increased agility in real time decision making.  He spoke extensively about the IT/OT architecture involving data management and governance, analytics, visualizing and modelling to name a few.  He finally ended his presentation by mentioning the “technology disruptors“.  Reliance is using to drive digital transformation. 

Customer 2: Industry 4.0, Digital Execution Roadmap

by Mr. Amit Sharma, CEO, Tata Consulting Engineers

In this presentation, Mr. Sharma, provided an insight on Industry 4.0, digital execution roadmap.  He started his presentation with Industry 4.0 going through the industrial value chain. He then spoke about the Data Driven Asset Lifecycle Management and maturity model moving from static to real-time data.

He gave further insights on the importance of real-time data and how moving away from monitoring, diagnostics to prognostics that is being successful in predictive analytics with explicit time window until failure will form the base of a strong APM strategy for the future. 

He then moved to the digital execution approach, giving the industrial IoT business model as the base foundation layer to build the final strategy. 

Customer 3: Harnessing Potential of Digitalization

by Ashok Sethi, COO & ED, TATA Power 

Mr. Sethi started the presentation with the disruptive technologies in the market he then moved to explore the digitalization in the field of Operation & Maintenance.  He went through a structured approach for maintenance strategy involving analytics-based asset maintenance including Proactive Health Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting and Maintenance Strategy Optimization.

Interestingly, he also touched on artificial intelligence-based solutions to improve generation efficiency and field devices to improve worker productivity.

Track Sessions Helpful for Digital Transformation Roadmap

With four track sessions industry-wise, (Oil & Gas, Power, Hybrid, and Smart City & Infrastructure), AVEVA shared technical knowledge, unique business challenges, and a deeper understanding of cross-industry opportunities.  This was basically for the ultimate convergence for decision-makers in the industry.  This conference was positioned to enable AVEVA’s customers and prospects with strategic business information, combined with varied solutions, to help shape and grow their organizations’ digital transformation journey.

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