AVEVA Releases Unified Operations Center Solution to Help Its Customers Capitalize on Digital Transformation

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

AVEVA launched Unified Operations Center, its command-and-control solution for infrastructure operators, such as smart cities and facilities management, and for industries, such as Oil & Gas and Mining.

Working with companies in these vertical industries, AVEVA has developed templated solutions based on best practices that are designed to be more repeatable, scalable and adaptable, helping to enable implementations and maximize return on investment.  Organizations, such as the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Assmang Proprietary Ltd and the city of Atal Nagar in India, have deployed early versions of this solution and have reported reductions in project implementation times by as much as 60 percent over the more time-intensive process of integrating bespoke solutions.

The Unified Operations Center is a central hub that helps to transform the control room into a more collaborative workspace.  Functional silos are broken down by contextualizing operational and business data to help enable teams to make better decisions based on more accurate, real-time information.  AVEVA is one of the first companies to provide a single solution that integrates IT and OT (Operational Technology) applications in a central hub, enhanced by industry-specific customizations.

AVEVA’s Unified Operations Center, built on the AVEVA System Platform, offers faster time-to-value through solution templates, reports, dashboards and operational KPIs that help to unify all available data from operations, process, engineering, maintenance and finance, helping to enable teams to improve their situational awareness of real-time operations and make better decisions.

Unified Operations Center is based on a ‘system of systems’ approach.  This enables more seamless plug-in of apps, predictive analytics, CCTV video, GIS maps, ERP systems, Engineering P&ID diagrams, etc., all within the unified user interface.

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