ARC’s Sid Snitkin to Present at ICS Cybersecurity Conference in ATL

By Sid Snitkin

Technology Trends

ARC cybersecurity domain expert, Sid Snitkin, will present at the SecurityWeek ICS Cybersecurity conference the week Oct 23-26 in Atlanta. Several other people from ARC will also join Sid at the conference.

ICS Cybersecurity Conference

Here’s an abstract of Sid’s presentation:

“While there are still under-protected plants, ARC research shows that most industrial companies have implemented cybersecurity programs to protect their facilities and SCADA systems. Most of these initiatives have followed recognized standards and guidelines like IEC 62443, NERC CIP, etc. These documents provide comprehensive guidance for a specific set of use cases given certain scope boundaries.

These efforts have significantly reduced the risks of cyber-attacks on our critical infrastructure. However, recent developments and trends suggest that more needs to be done. Assumptions underlying current programs are too restrictive for the real needs of industry and infrastructure organizations. The cybersecurity challenges that industrial companies and infrastructure organizations face span the full IT-OT-IoT spectrum. Broader deployment of automation products in smart cities and commercial operations also demands a broadening of the potential use cases. “

Sid’s presentation will include a discussion of these expanded challenges and the gaps that need to be filled and provide recommendations on the kinds of changes required. Here’s a link you can use to get to more information on the conference. ARC hopes to see you there!

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