ARC & SANS Webcast: Cybersecurity & Process Safety Convergence

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

In advance of the SANS Oil and Gas Cybersecurity Summit in Houston Oct. 1-6, I will be participating in a webcast with Doug Wylie of SANS and Marty Edwards of the Automation Federation to discuss the emergence of new process safety system malware and its impact on the process industries, including both upstream and downstream oil and gas. 

Process safety systems were never immune to the same types of malware and cyberattacks that plague industrial control systems (ICS), they just weren’t an active target until now. Cyber vulnerabilities in process safety systems cannot be solved by simply applying cybersecurity products or solutions to these systems. As with process automation systems, cybersecurity must be addressed proactively throughout the lifecycle of the system.  The safety and cybersecurity disciplines can learn much from each other, but nowhere is the gulf between IT and OT disciplines more apparent than in the world of process safety. This webcast will discuss potential impacts that can arise from cyber-threats to process safety systems, contemporary approaches to help mitigate these risks, and benefits that can be gained by coupling the domain knowledge and best practices from the worlds of process safety and cybersecurity alike. 

SANS Oil & Gas Cybersecurity Summit

SANS is a market leader in cybersecurity training and is recognized around the world.  The oil and gas summit in Houston offers some valuable training opportunities and some great presentations and panel discussions from industry experts.  You can register for the event here.  Use the ARC promotional code ARCOG2018 and get 15 percent off your registration fee.  


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