ARC Joins Nozomi Networks Webinar on IT/OT Convergence in Cybersecurity

By Larry O'Brien

Industry Trends

On June 21st ARC vice president and lead cybersecurity expert Sid Snitkin will join in a webinar with Nozomi Networks co-founder and CPO Andrea Carcano to discuss the convergence of IT and OT domains and the impact on cybersecurity. Sid will discuss some of the requirements that end users must follow to build effective cybersecurity organizations that address not only IT/OT convergence, but also the impact of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things. The webcast will also include use cases from the field from Nozomi and Fireye.  

IT/OT Convergence

End-user companies and asset owners have taken a variety of approaches to address the need to coordinate and integrate IT, OT, and IIoT cybersecurity programs and activities. This includes the use of security operations centers (SOCs). But convergence is more than a technology issue. Many end users experience organizational challenges as they merge IT and OT level responsibilities in their own organizations. The ever-increasing cybersecurity threat compounds this issue. A successful response must cover the full spectrum of people, process, and technology challenges. 

Trends in OT Cybersecurity: IT/OT Convergence is Here to Stay: June 21, 2018, 11:00am PDT (UTC-7)

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